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Matthew Trent

Hey, I'm Matthew Trent

4th-year honors computer science student. Check out my live stats. Let's chat. Join my Discord (as member #?,???).

Who I am

I'm 20 and have a Great Dane named Finn. I love entrepreneurship, can ride a unicycle, and am an athlete. I enjoy snowboarding, long-distance running (masochism?), and fitness in general. I'm also an avid fan of reading and music.

My story

I coded my first (retrospectively, horribly-written) video game back in tenth grade which got me hooked on code. Soon after that, while still in high school, I got my first development job writing code professionally for a nursery company. The rest is history.


With new tech comes new challenges; I welcome them.

FrontendFlutter, Dart, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Next.js, Bootstrap, Tailwind, jQuery, EJS, SASS
BackendRust, Go, Java, Python, C++, C#, C, Node.js, Express.js, Gin, Actix-web
ToolingGCP, AWS, Git/GitHub, Heroku, Vercel, Figma, Jupyter Hub, GitHub Actions, Docker, Bash, Common ML libraries
DatabasesMongoDB, Firebase RTD & Firestore, Hive, Drift, Gorm, Mongoose, Redis, Supabase, SQL-based DBs, iOS/Android/web local storage
Quasi-esotericStandard ML, x86 Assembly, Racket
PersonalProblem-solver, communicative, self-starter, reliable


Who doesn't love drinking 8 coffees in 24 hours?

Island Health CODEHACK 2023Mobile appweb appserverMy teammate and I got recognized for hacking the hackathon before it started, getting awarded symbolic white toques pre-event 👻
UVic AI: Ultimate tic-tac-toe(Private)We developed a competitive heuristic-based Monte Carlo tree-search algorithm 👀
Engineering Competition '23Clientserver1st place • Developed a mobile app connecting tutors to students 🥇
Engineering Competition '24Client2nd place • Developed a working real-time cloud-first code editor in 6 hours 🥈


A few of my favorite classes from my degree.

Course codeDescription
SENG 474Machine learning: Neural nets, clustering, regressions, etc.
CSC 499Honors project & seminar: Blockchain, decentralized systems, networks, etc.
SENG 457Quantum computing & algorithms
CSC 370Database systems
CSC 305Computer graphics
SENG 440Embedded systems
CSC 330Functional programming & development paradigms


Source code
Live demo(s)
Blog post(s)

Coding now 


March 2022 - Current • Founder

A social media app exclusively for university students. Get ready to ROFL. Share your campus stories, embrace your quirks, and laugh with your community! Launching soon. Join the alpha/beta tests.

Website + pre-release DiscordDevlogs

Coding now 


April 2024 - Current

A completely decentralized search engine. It's designed to be an alternative to Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more. It's a work in progress.


Quantum computing circuit designer and simulator

June 2024

A CLI tool for designing and simulating quantum circuits. It's designed for speed-of-use.

Repo + installation guide

Real-time collaborative code editor

July 2024

A cloud-first code editor allowing for real-time collaboration between users across multiple files and languages. It's designed to be lightweight, fast, and available for use on Mac, Windows, the web, and even iOS and Android!


Real-time predictor of hockey match outcomes

April 2024

My team and I developed a game outcome predictor for hockey bettors. We segmented matches into sequential partitions, each initiated by a shot, resulting in n + 1 total partitions. We then crafted two predictive models: the first, a logistic regression model that evaluates preliminary shot quality; the second, an LSTM neural network that leverages this data to forecast overall game outcomes as events unfold, providing a time-dimensioned analysis. To achieve this, we analyzed almost two million rows of hockey data.

Blog post

GitHub contribution graph painter

May 2023

Ever wanted to display a custom design on your GitHub contribution graph? Now you can.

RepoUse the tool

Van Belle Nursery

Summer 2020

I developed a cross-platform application that demonstrates various use cases in which Flutter can be integrated into Plantago's internal software.

GitHub CLI tool

January 2024

Among other things, counts the total number of LOC you've written across your entire GitHub account.

Repo + installation guideBlog post

Stackoverflow stats badge

April 2023

Allows users to display a dynamically generated Stackoverflow stats badge tailored to their profiles in a Markdown file. Specifically, it's designed for GitHub README profiles.

Repo + usage guideDemo via my README

Go package: jsonencryption

January 2024

A utility package for encrypting (hashing + masking) primary keys (uints) in serialized JSON responses. Designed for seamless integration with existing model classes.

RepoPublished on pkg.go.dev

Auto Leetcode solver

January 2023 • Sold commercially

My friend and I like solving Leetcode questions legitimately. However, at a manual rate, solving 100% of the site's questions would take a while. Hence, we created a bot to do it for us! It uses test cases to ensure a ~100% acceptance rate of its submissions, and it scrapes answers from Leetcode's discussion forms. You can configure it to solve by a set language and difficulty.

Blog post

iMessage clone

May 2023

Real time mobile chat app: backed up messages, reactions, deleting messages, blocking users, auth flow, 'is active now' indicators, etc. This turned out to be a great usecase for a non-relational database (shock of all shocks).

Conway's Game of Life simulator

March 2024

A web-based cellular automata simulator that allows users to create and run their own custom simulations.

RepoUse the tool

Stock market scraper

March 2024

A web server that gathers, curates, and efficiently delivers the most recent stock market data for specific tickers from a set of predefined sources. Designed to be used in Excel or Google Sheets.


December 2021 - October 2022 • Co-founder

As the frontend lead on the Stend team, I was responsible for critical frontend development and management in the creation of our team's cross-platform application that curates demographic-based reviews for businesses and users.


September 2023 - Current

At CORTEX Labs, I'm working as a research assistant and developer. I'm contributing to a project mapping treatments for mental health and addictions in people with brain injuries.

Website + tool

UVic AI: Ultimate tic-tac-toe competition

February 2024

Over a timeframe of a few hours, our team developed a competitive heuristic-based Monte Carlo tree-search algorithm which could play a game of UTTT and win against many other advanced game-playing algorithms.

Flutter package: killswitch

February 2024

I wanted to make a package that would allow me to easily implement a killswitch in my Flutter applications. This would allow me to remotely terminate the app's functionality in the event of a security breach or other extenuating circumstance.

RepoPublished on pub.devBlog post

Discord frog bot

December 2023 • Used in several public servers

Why is it called the frog bot? I'm not sure. I found a nice frog profile picture and that was that. It's a Discord bot that harbours a few application commands and custom response/moderation capabilities.

Add the bot yourself

Flutter package: shrinking_view

October 2022

In an app I was making, I wrote some code to shrink Scaffold views programmatically. This simulates native iOS behavior. I figured others may like to use it, so I made it into a package.

RepoPublished on pub.dev

Pattern cracker

July 2020

I developed a puzzle game that challenges the user with figuring out the number in a 4x4 matrix that doesn't fit the pattern. It includes a myriad of levels the user can progress through. The UI is formatted to look exactly like that of the classic game of 2048.


Border gas price converter

March 2020

My father used to travel across the border into the USA to buy gas. He always told me, for efficiency's sake, he wished there was an app that easily converted cross-border gas prices. So, I built one. It converts $USD/Gallon to $CAD/Litre in real time.

RepoPublished on Playstore

Picture text interpreter

June 2020

I created an app that, upon the user uploading an image, deciphers the image's text and converts it into copyable text alongside giving the user the option of having it read aloud.


Rising Revolution

2019 • First ever project

I designed all art assets, alongside coded the entire project. Taking 176.5 hours, it taught me the very basics of C# Unity development. The strategic game features a 2D environment, where you play cards attempting to toppel the Russian Czar.

Play the game

University class automation

November 2023

I dislike participation marks. This script allowed me to sleep in and not care. It was quite an involved chunk of code. Too bad I can't share it...

Matrix pathfinding algorithm visualizer

May 2023

Pathfinding algorithms play a crucial role in various fields, such as robotics, game development, and logistics. This project provides an interactive and visual way to explore different pathfinding algorithms (such as Dijkstras), helping users grasp their underlying principles and observe their performance in different scenarios.


Custom endpoint data tracker

May 2023

A mobile app that allows users to enter a URL to JSON data. The app then dynamically parses the JSON using a custom-built parser, mapping each detected datapoint to a trackable 'stat card'. Users can then save/view these cards, allowing for easy access to data they care about.


Island Health's CODEHACK 2023

March 2023 • Recognized for hacking the hackathon before it started, revealing a serious security vulnerability

Within 24 hours, my team and I developed a system facilitating all doctor and patient interactions with a central health database. This allows patients to have more control over their personal health data and records.

Primary repo

CLI base converter

March 2023

I got tired of having to open up a website to convert quickly between bases, so I made a quick terminal base converter tool. Helpful for low-level CS university courses. Made for personal use.


Flutter package: alert_banner

January 2023

A beautifully simple alert banner for Flutter applications. Fully customizable.

RepoPublished on pub.dev

Flutter package: use_optimistic

February 2024

An easy-to-use hook to optimistically update generic state and then resolve it later (async or sync) by accept/acceptAs/reject-ing it. An adaptation of React.js' experimental useOptimistic hook.

RepoPublished on pub.devBlog post

Menti poll bot

March 2024

A tool that, with the single click of a button, lets you select and submit a menti.com quiz answer N times simultaneously using multi-threaded API execution. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to share the code for this one since my university professors use the platform...

Blog post

Personal server

November 2023 - Current

I like having tasks automated. I needed a server to do that. So, I built myself a server. It does a variety of jobs; it even does things for this website! Some examples: cron jobs, email sending, detailed analytics for my online presence, hosting custom code, tooling, database connections, scripts, etc.

Live demo (single endpoint)

University of Victoria engineering competition

July 2023 • 1st place 🥇

Over a time frame of 6 development hours, our team managed to create a feed-based cross-platform mobile Flutter app that connects tutors with students in need of support, helping to facilitate a healthy academic community. We linked it up to a Dockerized Go web server with a SQLite database. My wonderful teammates: Jaspreet Sidhu, Chris Huk, and Hal Nguyen.

Primary repo

Blog website

January 2023

Website with a fully functional blog and CMS.

Flutter package: core_utils

October 2022

This package contains a lot of simple helper functions. Some examples include: shorthands for app sizing, number formatters, responsive layout builders, etc.

RepoPublished on pub.dev

Flutter package: scrollable

November 2022

I recently wanted to add haptic effects to my scroll views, but found no easy way to do so. This prompted me to make a way myself. This package contains several useful widgets that enhance Flutter's default scroll views by adding haptics, automatic soft keyboard dismissal, and more.

RepoPublished on pub.dev

Travel app

March 2021

I created an app displaying the beauty of travel. It features incredible animations and a screen-fluid design.


Old personal website

December 2021

This site has since been replaced. Its purpose was to efficiently display who I am, and what I do.

RepoLive demo

Current personal website

January 2024

New website with a focus on simplicity and performance. There is beauty in minimalism. Has a fully functional blog. Listed tech stack split with the server.

Live demo (hint: you're on it)

Precise integral solver

November 2021

I created code that breaks apart a mathematical function into 1,000,000+ Y values along a given slope, which are then used to very accurately calculate a definite integral. I also provide an interactive graph alongside the solution.


Instagram redesign

May 2020

I designed an extremly aesthetic remodel of Instagram's UI. The build includes home, search, explore, activity, and profile screens. Additionally, it features beautiful custom animations.


Infinite runner

December 2019 • Second ever project

I challenged myself to make a game in a day to circumvent tutorial-purgatory.

Play the game

Graph component

June 2020

I designed a crisp graph and converted it into a custom widget. Created to be easily transferable between projects.


University class websites

Varied timeline

I've designed and developed several websites for university classes. They're all private, so I can't share them.

Holiday component

August 2020

I developed a beautiful trip application. It displays enticing travel locations to the user. Upon clicking on a destination, the app blows up with a plethora of clean, crisp animations, bringing the user to the info section for that location.


PowerSchool redesign

May 2020

My high school used an application, PowerSchool, to distribute grades to students. I didn't like their UI so I redesigned it. In doing so, I made it more intuitive and fun to use.


COVID-19 tracker

April 2020

I created an app that informs the user about basic virus/COVID-19 information. Additionally, it features an interactive graph that showcases COVID-19 deaths, recovered cases, and current cases across dozens of countries. Finally, it includes a feed of up-to-date news articles related to public health.


App navigation animation

January 2021

I created a simple app that features the groundwork for a complex and professional app-wide navigation system.


Seven dungeons

December 2019 • Third ever project

I created a dungeon runner game where the user tries to beat their best time jumping through seven dungeon puzzles without dying.

Play the game

Contact me

I'm always down to talk! Alternatively, try my email.


Before you go, have some free and valuable Rust code.

fn get_random_num() -> Option<i32> {
  Some(4) // chosen by fair dice roll, guaranteed to be random
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